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Maintenance of Skin Post Coolsculpting Procedure

zeltiq After undergoing the Fraxel procedure, the patient can go back to his or her normal activities. The procedure is completely non-invasive. The after effects that may be felt could be in the form of minor bruising or redness due to extreme cold exposure. Some patients could experience numbness or a tingling sensation in the treated area. These after effects are of a temporary nature.


The results of the Coolsculpting process by Zeltiq can be seen as early as three weeks after the procedure. Forty per cent of the realized treatment objectives will be achieved in a time span of a couple of months. The sessions are gradual and the body will continue to flush out the fat cells till a period of four months.


zeltiq reviews Zeltiq reviews have indicated that once the treatment is done, it depends on the patients how they want to take advantage of the results. Post Zeltiq treatment, the patients have to maintain the results by keeping control on their diet and their regular exercises. Once they do that, the results are going to be stable on a long term basis.


The cost of the procedure as per the Coolsculpting reviews depends on the sites being treated and not generalized areas. In therapy terms, a bulge of fat is defined as `site’. Its size could be measured by how much can fill your fist. This procedure is in wide use all around the world. It has been approved in over thirty countries. It is one of the safest treatments and it is always carried out under a dermatologist’s supervision.


The biggest advantage of this procedure is that unlike other procedures for the reduction of fat cells, it does not use ultrasound waves, laser therapies and even surgery to remove the excess fat. There is no danger, therefore, of damaging the healthy tissues while eliminating the fat cells. The body also does not require a large downtime to heal after this procedure.



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